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                                 THE DODO BIRD  by TOM OTTERNESS

"I thought of us, our world, as a self-satisfied Dodo bird.  Doomed to eventual extinction but saved for a moment by the hope for new life in the egg.  Every sculpture I make is a kind of self-portrait.  This one is a little more dim-witted than most." — Tom Otterness, from The Real Alice in Wonderland book by C.M. Rubin and Gabriella Rubin.

Tom Otterness has said that his sculptures are meant to be play pieces.  Whenever you see kids around those play pieces, that is exactly what you will find them doing - climbing, handling, talking, imagining and interacting with adorable and fascinating characters which come in all different shapes and sizes. The American sculptor’s works adorn parks, plazas, courthouses, museums, libraries and subway stations.  The Dodo Bird can be seen in Battery Park, New York City.  For more information on Tom Otterness visit his website:
Look Inside The Real Alice Book
The Real Alice Valentine’s Trailer

                              Tom Otterness

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You’ve met Tim Burton’s Alice, Meet Lewis Carroll’s!

This has been an amazing week.  Three years after my daughter and I discovered that we had a connection to the real Alice In Wonderland (thanks to her school’s selection of Alice In Wonderland for Book Day), our coffee table book, The Real Alice in Wonderland, is finally moving into stores across the country (  Our book recreates the dramatic life saga of the inspiration and role model for Alice in Wonderland.  The Real Alice, Alice Pleasance Liddell, always treasured the book Lewis Carroll spent nearly two years creating for her.  It had pride of place in her family home. We wanted to make Alice’s book special too — a collector’s item — with a unique collection of art and photos never before seen in one place..  Creating it has been a labor of love, and soooo I want to take this first opp on my blog to thank the amazingly talented artists (including Lizzy Rockwell, Vik Muniz, Annie Leibovitz, Helen Oxenbury, Tom Otterness, Jewel, Frances Broomfield, Jeanne Argent, Tatiana Ianovskaia, Bruce Fuller, Theresa Blake, and David Cooper) who helped us!  I also want to thank Victoriana expert, Nancy Rosin (owner of the Rosin Victorian Treasury), who made things look period authentic with what I consider to be the greatest Victoriana collection around.  Theresa Blake - your recreation of Alice’s wedding dress is stunning and unforgettable.  Deborah Frano, my friend, collaborating with you on the artistic design of this book was a joy. Neither of us slept for a few months but I hope you feel as I do —it was worth it. If you love the idea of a collectable book like this one (please excuse the promotional spot) for you or your Mom or sister or teenager or friend, we hope you’ll check our book out in all the usual places.  And of course, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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